Legend Racing Club and Racing Stars

Follow the rhythm of the races with a french horse syndicate

Follow the rhythm of the races

Becoming a partner in a french horse syndicate gives you the unique opportunity to enter the world of racing through the owners’ door.

For a single entry fee and an annual subscription, you can :

Follow your racehorses who will be competing for a whole year, taking part in the acquisition, training and preparation of the races from the inside, via newsletters and videos.

Benefit from the unique advantages linked to the France Galop owner’s card (valid for you and the person of your choice) guaranteeing you privileged access to racecourses at every meeting and grand prix throughout France.

Participate in the eventual winnings of your horses with no risk of loss other than the initial stake.

Be invited to exclusive events where you can go behind the scenes of your horses’ training.

An unforgettable front row experience

The average purchase budget for a turnkey horse will be €20,000. It’s worth bearing in mind that a racehorse costs between €2,000 and €3,000 a month to maintain (excluding the purchase) for a single owner. Hence the importance of pooling resources in a group stable.

Cheval de de Racing Club, écurie de groupe à Chantilly Horse of Racing Club, french horse syndicate
Quelques membres de l'écurie de groupe Racing Club. Members of Racing Club, french horse syndicate

Each person will be welcomed as an owner in their own right. It’s a team effort in which you’ll take part, and one that will give you plenty of emotion and pride when the victories come.

Our two syndicates

Casaque Legend Racing

Legend Racing Club

Casaque écurie Racing Stars

Racing Stars

Pauline MENGES

Passionate about horses and racing in particular, Pauline began her career with a traditional career in auditing after business school.

“I had the opportunity to ride racehorses on weekends alongside Vincent Sartori, a former jockey turned trainer who took me under his wing, and with whom I continue to learn the ins and outs of the profession on a daily basis.”

In this dual role, she is best placed to manage both the financial and technical aspects of a syndicate.

Écuries Pauline Menges
My expertise as an owner, lady rider, trainer and breeder for over ten years in Chantilly has enabled me to set up and run these 2 successful group stables. More than a company, it's a friendly family club driven by the same passion!

They witness

Nathalie D.

I didn't know anything about horse racing, and to be part of this adventure within a group stable is really rewarding! We learn a great deal from seasoned professionals, enjoy warm, friendly moments and regularly feel for our horses; chosen, pampered and trained magnificently. Great experience! I recommend it!

Caroline M.

I joined the Legend Racing Club team as soon as it was created. This adventure into an epic world that was previously unknown to me was, and still is, a real discovery for me and a pleasure that is constantly renewed, thanks in particular to the dynamism of Pauline Mengès who, day after day, gives us news of our boarders, training sessions and the race calendar... races to which we are always invited and which also contribute to our enthusiasm.

Nelly B.

I've known the racing world for a long time. These two syndicates allow me to broaden my choice of horses without making a big investment and also to share my emotions on the racecourse.

Frédéric M.

Being part of a shared adventure, enjoying the thrill of being with others, taking pleasure in coming to or returning from the racecourse, with family or friends, putting the chance, the gamble, the risk, but also the pleasure, back at the centre of your weekends and sometimes finding yourself shouting "Allez! Come on!" to the meeting room.

Séverine D.B.

I've been a member of the group stable since its creation. As a horse rider myself but with no knowledge of the world of racing, I wanted to be part of this project. To follow the progress of the horses in the stable, the training sessions, the live races, the victories, to discover the backstages, to listen to the trainer's comments after each race. The Legend Racing Club is above all a brilliant, passionate and committed team. And that's probably the reason for their success!

Your future french horse syndicate awaits

Legend Racing Club and Racing Stars invite you to dive into the captivating world of horse racing as a co-owner. Join our group stable, experience the thrill of the races, and uncover the behind-the-scenes of this fascinating industry. Together, we share the passion for horses, victories on the track, and a unique adventure in the world of group stables.

Join our french horse syndicate

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